San Gervasio


The Pyramids The archeologists say that the Maya started to build their ceremonial architecture approximately 3,000 years ago. The pyramids structures were also erected to serve as a place of interment for powerful rulers. The forms have different forms and functions, bounded by regional and periodical differences. The pyramids were built with rocks and the…

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Reefs There is another world underwater and IT’S AMAZING! A reef is a barrier of rock, sand, coral or any other structure, naturally formed underwater creating beautiful, colorful and uniques shapes underwater. They are extremely hard and durable, but they are just a few of them that are flexible & soft organisms that look like…

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THE RIVIERA MAYA The Riviera Maya is a touristic Mexican destination, with everything naturally included when I said everything it means everything. Such as pyramids, cenotes, great & amazing sea life, beautiful and turquoise clear waters, we have even jungle. Can you imagine this Paradise? It extends from 36 kilometers south of Cancun and ends…

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