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WELCOME BACK Hello again, I think its time to start planning your next vacation, we really need a break and to reconnect with each other before we return to the “normality”, I’m sure that nobody will be the same. I’m positive we will be different in a good way. That’s why today I will talk…

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Cozumel Carnival History


History Let me tell you what is a Carnival? It is a Christian festivity that occurs before the liturgical season of Lent. It involves public celebrations, street parties, dances, and parades. During this celebration, the participants drink a lot of alcohol in the streets, but animal products are eaten less, funny fact… For these celebrations,…

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Reefs Cozumel Mexico


Reefs What are coral reefs? The coral reefs generally look like upside-down jellyfish, they are called coral polyp individually, like any other living being they move, feed and reproduce. They are part of a group animal called Cnidarians, they also have sharp cells, these ones help the coral to catch their prey. These polyps live…

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Private boat cozumel girl


COZUMEL, Mexico Hello again, today, we will talk about our beautiful paradise Cozumel, this Mayan name means  “The swallows island”. The story of the island is pretty interesting. Let me talk a little bit about this beauty. Did you know? That it was part of Ecab province, this paradise before it was a sanctuary just…

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Playa del Carmen Mexico


THE RIVIERA MAYA The Riviera Maya is a touristic Mexican destination, with everything naturally included when I said everything it means everything. Such as pyramids, cenotes, great & amazing sea life, beautiful and turquoise clear waters, we have even jungle. Can you imagine this Paradise? It extends from 36 kilometers south of Cancun and ends…

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