Chartering a boat with us will be the most amazing experience of your trip.

When you schedule a yacht charter with us, we will take care of all the details. You will get not only a tour, but an experience. We provide a helpful captain and crew to man the boat. A fully-planned course and a beautiful yacht that everyone in your group will love. If you want to lay under the sun on the glassy ocean, snorkel beautiful reefs, relax in endless sandbars and watch the most beautiful sunsets in the world, contact us today to schedule a private luxury boat charter in Cozumel island.

These boats represent our company, even when we can’t be present. That’s why we make sure our fleet is unique, with a variety of different designs, sizes, and styles. No matter what your taste and preferences, we’ll work to match you with the perfect boat. And when you step onto your boat charter, all your worries and stressors will melt away almost as fast as you can sail into the shimmering blue sea.

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Sunseeker 49’


  • 49 FT Speed Boat
  • 2 restroom
  • 2 cabins
  • Drinks & Food

This is the perfect family boat to experience the best sites at Cancun. This boat will get you to every spot in a short amount of time. Is comfortable and fast. Cushions all around and with a nice shade on the back.


Choosing Your Boat

Choosing the perfect boat is just a matter of what you are looking for as a group.

Private Boats charters can provide different feelings and experiences but we can assure you service and the quality of what we serve will be the same in every one of them.

All of our boats includes drinks & food, some of them also includes water toys.

Our Cancun private excursions relay on the Captains, they are well experienced, they will make sure you are always safe and enjoying every minute of your trip by giving you the treatment you deserve, getting away from the crowds and looking for private spots. They know that by choosing us for this trip you are looking for an exclusive and private time.