Unique Experiences

Celebrations Experience


Imagine your wedding or proposal on board a private yacht, I think there is no better way to celebrate special occasions that

sailing with your loved ones, thru the most crystalline waters at the Caribbean.

Secluded Beaches Experience

Secluded Beaches

Imagine to spend your day in private and incredible beaches on board and sail thru Cozumel, I assure you will have the best tour of your life.

Sunsets Experience


What a best way to have the most amazing experience than on board a private yacht with the most incredible sunsets at the Mexican Caribbean, enjoying the most crystalline & turquoise waters….

Subwing Experience


Swim like a fish and try our new toy, you will not regret it, the subwing is a board attached to the yacht with a rope, the yacht will drag you slowly you just have to grab the handle to go up and down whenever you want.

Fishing Experience


Fish on board a private yacht with your closest friends, we have the best equipment on the island, one of the most important days on the island is the fish tournament, so our team is trained and they will help you….

Snorkeling Experience


Get to know the beauty of this underwater world, snorkeling and get to know this paradise, their unexpected colors and a lot of different marine species, some days if you are lucky you will be able to swim with turtles, stingrays ….